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Une voie de changements

Voir des gens s’implique dans  l’évolution de l’école au Québec ça fait du bien. C’est beau de voir des enseignants, des gens passionnés, des parents et des enfants tous dans la même salle!


A Strong Culture

The culture in Nanavik is strong and although I think their culture should be even more prevalent in their schools it is great to see some level of integration.


ᐃᓄᑦᑎᑐᑦ  – Inuktitut

Speaking Inuktitut is greatly valued and is the first language of most community members. Until grade 3 the students are taught exclusively in Inuktitut. When they enter school, students begin learning how to write in syllabic.

Culture and land survival class

As part of their curriculum students are shown traditional skills and land skills. The school has two great role models whom teach boy’s culture and girl’s culture. Through this, the school system has acknowledged the importance and the education potential of such activities.

Hunting seasons

The students are encouraged to take part in cultural activities and granted time to hunt during seasonal events such as the passing of the caribou herd and during goose migration.


This is valuable to their education. It is great to see the that the children are given the opportunity to experience the value of their culture inside the classroom as well as outside the classroom.


Are you alive?

“No other group I have ever been a part of has given me as much as what I got out of the alive programs. I am estimating that through my years at SMCS I spent about 25 days at camp. As a near graduate from Queen’s, now more than ever it is clear to me that those 35 days have defined me as a person more than any other learning experience of my life. I want to thank you  Alive and everyone who is a part of because it has given me the most indispensable skills and most cherished memories.”

-Graduate, SMCS

Why ALIVE outdoors is a powerful outdoor classroom?

  1. EXPERIENTIAL MODEL: Most schools that participate in the Alive outdoors programs participate every year throughout high school. Each experience builds on the previous.
  2. GRATITUDE: Throughout their stay students are given many opportunities to show gratitude.
  3. CHALLENGE BY CHOICE: Students are encourage to confront new challenges and expand their comfort zone. (‘YET’ is a powerful tool: I don’t know how to canoe… YET!; I can’t swim…YET!; I’m not good at climbing…YET!)
  4. FACILITATED REFLECTIONS: Debriefs and self reflections are integrated into the program. The students are encouraged to reflect on what happened, why and what changes they are going to implement. (->Do it->What->So What->What Now)
  5. ACTIVE EXPERIMENTATION: Students are encouraged to take risks.

The development of both soft skills and hard skills are developed at ALIVE outdoors leaving many students with a profoundly life changing experience.


Adventure Leadership Individuality Values Empowerment

Virage – Fabrique d’idées

Moments coups de cœur du festival, Virage 2017 :

Les enfants et la philosophie.

Avec des bagues magiques les enfants on explorer la moralité d’avoir des pouvoirs tel que l’invisibilité, le pouvoir de mentir, le pouvoir d’influencer et l’immoralité.

Après une long discussion qui mena à la conclusion que de tels pouvoirs ne devrait pas être entre les mains d’une seule personne, un jeune me surpris en disant, «Si on met la bague dans le feu, le feu deviendra immortel!». Les jeunes sont incroyable quand vient le temps de pensé en dehors de la boîte.

Une école dans une société post-croissance.

Yves-Marie Abraham croit que la croissance économique n’est pas une solution, mais un problème. Mais à quoi ressemble les écoles dans une société post-croissance? Ne pensons pas à quel matières nous voulons enseigné à nos enfants mais quels valeurs nous voulons promouvoir. Les enfants n’apprenne pas seulement des mathématiques, du français et de l’anglais à l’école, ils apprennent aussi à bâtir leur caractère et à interagir avec le monde.

Disembodied education

In the last few months, I became aware of how alienated I was from myself, others and the world. It is like I am a being stuck inside an intricate body that I have just discovered has a vast intelligence and awareness. Living at Earthdance and experimenting with body awareness practices (contact improvisation, meditation, contemplative dance practice, ecstatic dance, journey dance and somatics) made me realize the extent to which I knew little about my body. I have rediscovered an entire new language. It opened my eyes to the disembodied reality of my education experience in and outside the classroom.

Disembodied education

In the day to day education curriculum, with the exception of recess and gym class, the body is often eliminated and suppressed. Students are coerced to be passive and remain relatively motionless. This creates an environment where the body is irrelevant, leading to a loss in the ability to move the body, especially in an expressive way.

This focus on rational mind and reason omits a valuable potential for learning. The emphasis on the written word rather than all other possible language (verbal, visual, aural, auditory, physical and bodily) omits an incredible source of knowledge.


Embodied education

An embodied education is one where both the inner and outer movement is of equal value. It means getting in touch with all the intelligence the human body posses:  thoughts, feelings, ingrained experience and raw emotions, helping us understand our bodies and ourselves as whole human beings.


It is important to respect the body as valuable source of knowledge and acceptable way of learning.


Reference: Movement and Dance in Young Children’s Lives: Crossing the Divide by Adrienne N. Sanson

The Inner Artist

The few months that I spent at Earthdance touched me profoundly, allowing me to rediscover parts of me that had somewhat been forgotten. I rediscovered my artistic self that loves to create performances,  paint visual pieces and reenact imaginary stories.  I rediscovered my inner child whom requires unconditional love, platonic touch and affection. I rediscovered my authentic vulnerable self that has needs it wants to express through movement and words.

Earthdance is an artist-run workshop, residency, and retreat center located in the Berkshire hills of Western Massachusetts.  We provide a dynamic mix of dance, somatic, and interdisciplinary arts training, with a focus on sustainable living, social justice, and community.  Earthdance strengthens connections between people, communities, and the earth by creating a center for experiential learning, creative exchange, and Contact Improvisation.


When I talk about my project one of the first questions that often comes up is often why. Why am I doing this? What am I trying to achieve with this?  To be honest, I did not entirely know until I feel upon this image.

Camp de leadership

Les jeunes du deuxième cycle du secondaire au Collège Letendre ont eut la chance de participer à un camp de Leadership. Pendant 3 jours chaque groupe d’élèves était amener à développer leur leadership autant au niveau émotionnelle que intellectuel. C’était une expérience haute en émotion et certain on vraiment su nous épater dans leur évolution.

Leadership de soi

Les jeunes était amené à prendre conscience de leur flamme intérieur. Une des habileté d’un leader c’est de se connaître soi même et de connaître ça propre valeur. Une des activités apportait les jeunes à réfléchir sur le masque qu’ils portent. Après le visionnement de clips du film The Mask We Live In, les jeunes était apporter à illustrer la personne qu’il montrent au autres et au verso illustrer les aspect d’eux qu’il cachent au autres. D’autres activités comme des méditations guidés et une démarche de leader guidée, les ont amené à ce centrer sur leur corps et leurs émotions.

Leadership de service

À travers leur séjours, les élèves était amenée à développer leur communication et leur collaboration. Les élèves ont vécu une immersion à un vrai défi auquel l’Auberge Matawinie fait face depuis un incendie en 2016. En prennent conte du terrain et leur population cible, les équipes de jeunes devait proposer une nouvelle direction pour l’Aberge Matawinie. À la fin de leur séjour leur travaille d’équipe aboutissait à un pitch de 2 minutes pour convaincre le jury de leur idée.

Il eut d’avantage d’activités pour explorer le travaille d’équipe. En autre une simulation de situation de survie ou chaque groupe avait une heure pour se préparer pour une nuit en forêt. Les chiens de traineau fut une autre expérience qui sortie ce camp de l’ordinaire. Les jeunes ont pu faire l’expérience de travaille équipe avec une équipe de bêtes canins. Il ont pu observer les caractéristiques et dynamiques de leadership parmi une équipe de chien de traineau.

La passion des enseignants du collège Letendre on vraiment su me surprendre. Ils ont permis aux jeunes de voir leur côté humain, permettant de tissé un lien plus fort avec leur étudiants.

Ces séjours ont vraiment mis le point sur l’importance du leadership de soi, une qualité fondamental qui n’avait jamais était abordé dans mes autres expériences de formation en leadership, même au niveau universitaire. Bravo à tous impliqués dans la mis au point de ce projet.

Shape your school, shape your world

The Free School is the kind of place where you need to spend the time to get to know the students and teachers. The Free school is personal and you need to get personal with it to discover its full potential.

My afternoon visit at the Free School revealed some of the highlights of a free school. It began with a warm welcome from our personal tour guide, a 12 year old senior students, who showed us the in and the outs of the school. One of the central elements of the schools, she highlighted, was the council meetings. She explained that when large conflicts arise any one student can call all the school together to solve it. The most recent council meeting she explained dealt with the issue that people were not closing the outside door. She said that this was resolved by the students voting to turn off the heat and leaving the door open. Every room we went to during our tour felt alive. There was someone doing something in every room from the kitchen where they were making custard, to the classroom where students were quietly working on a project, to the music room where students were playing the piano, to the library where students were playing board games to the outdoor playground where students were playing an imaginary game. Our tour guide also explained that teachers post a schedual of optional classes from which the students can choose from.

The main message that this school revealed to me is that you as a students are autonomous and capable of problem solving. ”It is your life, your mind and your education!” Free to learn documentary. This is true for the students but it is also true for the teachers. Children get to see that teachers are people too with feelings and passions. The school is always changing depending on the interests of students, parents and teachers that are there at that time.

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