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When Humans Fly

Forest school has been an amazing opportunity to witness how brilliant, creative and critical children are. Because of the environment but also because they are encouraged to express themselves we get to see the children flourish and learn to take risks. Here are four beautiful moments that amazed me:

When Humans Fly

  • Child:”Did you know that we are flying?”
  • Adult: ”Oh ya. What do you mean?”
  • Child: ”Well we never really touch the ground. It’s only an illusion because the bubbles that our feet are made up of are continuously repelling the bubbles that the ground is up made of.”

Power of the Mind

  • Child: ”My hands were cold, so I sent heat to my hands with my mind and now my hands actually feel warm.”

Safety Man

  • Adult: ”To me this hill you are climbing looks dangerous. How can we made it safer?”
  • Child (With a clipboard like object in hand): ”Don’t worry I’m the safety man on a mission to make sure everyone is safe. We have agreed to use one path for coming up and one path for sliding down and I am making sure we only slide one at a time.”


  • Child 1: ”Did you know that chipmunks see in slow motion?”
  • Child 2: ”Maybe the chipmunks are seeing at normal speed and we are seeing in fast motion.”

Bird Sacrifice

  • Child A (Upon discovering a dead bird): ”LET THE BIRD BE SACRIFICED!”
  • Child B: ”Let’s bury it and have a funeral.”
  • Child A (At the funeral): ”Thank you bird for sacrificing yourself for the good of all others and putting the life of others before you. Your death has allowed the birth of another. You led an honourable life and we shall remember you.”


Let’s move away from ”hippietecture”, architectural structures that are often stigmatized like earthships. Valhalla is trying to move away from this and work within our current system to make sustainability accessible and desirable to the common person. Like many other marginal populations these types of projects are often pointed at for all the wrong reasons without an understanding of the context. More than anything Valhalla is about creating a movement and way of life that makes sense at an individual level as well as an environmental level.

Mangeons des mauvais herbes!

Le Festi-Herbes à l’Herbothèque fut une opportunité d’apprendre sur les herbes médicinales dans un atmosphère convivial. Ma mère m’accompagna dans cette magnifique redécouvertes des plantes. On ne voit plus les mauvais herbes de la même façons quand on découvre les propriétés médicinales qu’ils ont. Quelques plantes intéressante….

Pissentlit: Les feuilles et les fleurs ce mangent en salade au printemps.
Wood sorrel: Un goût délicieusement amer et super dans une salade.
Plantain: Soulage les piqûres de maringouins en frottent la feuille sur la peau. Les feuilles ont aussi un bon petit goût de noix.
Achillée millefeuille: En tisane, les fleurs aide à soulager les fièvres et régularisé le cycle menstruel.
Ortie: Se mange en soupe et en smoothie (similaire au épinard).

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