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Disembodied education

I became aware of how alienated I was from myself, others and the world. It is like I am a being stuck inside an intricate body that I have just discovered has a vast intelligence and awareness. Living at Earthdance and experimenting with body awareness practices (contact improvisation, meditation, contemplative dance practice, ecstatic dance, journey dance and somatics) made me realize the extent to which I knew little about my body. I have rediscovered an entire new language. It has opened my eyes to the disembodied reality of my education experience at school and in dance class.

Disembodied education

In the day to day education curriculum, with the exception of recess and gym class, the body is eliminated and suppressed. Students are coerced to be passive and remain relatively motionless. This creates an environment where the body is irrelevant and even dangerous, leading to a loss in the ability to move the body, especially in an expressive way.

This focus on rational mind and reason omits a valuable potential for learning. The emphasis on the written word rather than all other possible language (verbal, visual, aural, auditory, physical and bodily) abolishes an incredible source of knowledge.


Embodied education

An embodied education is one where both the inner and outer movement is brought to attention. It means getting in touch with all the intelligence the human body posses:  thoughts, feelings, ingrained experience and raw emotions, helping us understand our bodies and ourselves as whole human beings.


It is important to respect the body as valuable source of knowledge and acceptable way of learning.


Reference: Movement and Dance in Young Children’s Lives: Crossing the Divide by Adrienne N. Sanson

How do you learn?

I have a bias because I am, as we all are, a learner. I have an inclination and prejudice about certain ways of learning based on my own experiences.  There are 3 main elements that I strive for that motivate me to learn. They are not the only ways to learn, but they are how I learn best.

CURIOSITY. Whatever it is I am learning I need to have a strong desire to know more about it. If I am passionate about the topic at hand or am genuinely intrigued by something I will go to great lengths to explore further.

EXPERIENCE. I need to be able to experience it, feel it, try it out and do it. For me learning is a whole body experience, having only my mind activated for the task is not as effective as having my mind, body and spirit involved.

OWNERSHIP. Having some creative power over my learning process allows me to problem solve and make the learning opportunity my own. If I can make it my own and related it to my own experiences it is much more likely to impact me.

This is how I learn. How do you learn best?

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