Une éxpédition d'apprentissage pour l'apprentissage

Moving Through Pain

I feel guilt, sadness and pain for the world. The social permaculture workshop with Ego/Ego at Atitlan Organics in Guatemala was a space to collectively acknowledge and accept those feelings. Johanna Masy's work, which was at the center of these... Continue Reading →


Une voie de changements

Voir des gens s'implique dans  l'évolution de l'école au Québec ça fait du bien. C'est beau de voir des enseignants, des gens passionnés, des parents et des enfants tous dans la même salle!

The Great Privilege of Witnessing

From the exploration of Authentic Movement at Earthdance, I experienced the power of accepting to be seen and taking the time to truly see another. "To be a witness is a multifaceted experience and responsibilty [...] You are the one who... Continue Reading →

A Strong Culture

The culture in Nanavik is strong and although I think their culture should be even more prevalent in their schools it is great to see some level of integration.   ᐃᓄᑦᑎᑐᑦ  - Inuktitut Speaking Inuktitut is greatly valued and is... Continue Reading →

Are you alive?

"No other group I have ever been a part of has given me as much as what I got out of the alive programs. I am estimating that through my years at SMCS I spent about 25 days at camp.... Continue Reading →

Virage – Fabrique d’idées

Moments coups de cœur du festival, Virage 2017 : Les enfants et la philosophie. Avec des bagues magiques les enfants on explorer la moralité d'avoir des pouvoirs tel que l'invisibilité, le pouvoir de mentir, le pouvoir d'influencer et l’immoralité. Après... Continue Reading →

Disembodied education

In the last few months, I became aware of how alienated I was from myself, others and the world. It is like I am a being stuck inside an intricate body that I have just discovered has a vast intelligence... Continue Reading →

The Inner Artist

The few months that I spent at Earthdance touched me profoundly, allowing me to rediscover parts of me that had somewhat been forgotten. I rediscovered my artistic self that loves to create performances,  paint visual pieces and reenact imaginary stories. ... Continue Reading →


When I talk about my project one of the first questions that often comes up is often why. Why am I doing this? What am I trying to achieve with this?  To be honest, I did not entirely know until... Continue Reading →

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